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Whooper Swan63 viewssurveying the scene
Whooper Swan43 viewswhat a beautiful looking Swan
Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus Fluke Hall Lane Pilling43 viewsfeeling sorry for itself in it's sling
Whooper Swan47 viewsI'd only got my 105mm macro lens with me, so had to back up quite away to get the whole of the swan in shot.
Whooper Swan46 viewsthe girl from the RSPCA asked me to come with her to Pilling Sands so that when she released the Swan if it was unable to fly I could help her re-catch it. I agreed of course, but what I didn't count on was how fast it could run, it shot off towards the estuary with little chance of us catching it.
Whooper Swan47 viewsI'm free, the Swan makes a dash towards the estuary. I went back to work at this point, but got a call from the RSPCA girl later to confirm the Swan tok to the skies when it was scared by someone on a quad bike.
Whooper Swan45 viewsWhilst driving down Fluke Hall Lane, Pilling, I turned a corner to see this Whooper Swan running towards me with a tractor right behind it, when the swan saw me coming it veered off the road into the hedgerow & became entancled in the branches there. After watching it for a while it became apparent it was stuck, so I phoned the RSPCA, who agreed to send someone out & asked me to wait with the swan until they arrived.
Whooper Swan47 viewsThe swan got quite distressed each time a vehicle sped past, but no matter how much it struggled it couldn't break free of the hedgerow
Whooper Swan58 viewsGotcha - within the hour a young lady from the RSPCA arrived, she was absolutely brilliant. She quickly but carefully grabbed the swan & removed it from the hedgerow with the miimum of fuss, she was obviously very confident handling the bird, I wouldn't have fancied getting in range of it's beak.
Whooper Swan62 viewstime for a firm hand. With the swan restrained she checked it's wings for breaks, the Swan was trying to flap both wings so she concluded it was unlikely it had a broken wing. Apparently they sometimes think roads are rivers & land on them by mistake, stunning themselves, which is maybe what happened to this bird.
Whooper Swan66 viewschecking it's OK
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