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Red-eared Terrapins292 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapin290 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapins Trechemys scripta elegans Stanley Park Blackpool285 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapins273 views(A hideously over exposed photo) I photographed 8 of these things back in April 2006, & 3 years on here's another 6 of them in the same place, with 2 more further around the lake. It would seem the Park's population of these alien intruders is still thriving. I hope they don't have any negative impact on the Parks indigenous residents.
Red-eared Terrapin266 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapins266 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapin260 viewsRed Eared Terrapins are not a natural species in the UK. They have become common in most areas due to widespread release of imported pets by the public once it is realised that terrapins in captivity need a lot of care, as they can live to over 40 years. They have a strong bite resulting in injuries that should be seen by medical staff as soon as possible as they may carry some diseases. They are not thought to be breeding in the U.K. as the mean summer temperature is too low, however there is some possibility that if temperatures rise by a few degrees breeding could start. Note:- Recent news from a reptile specialist in the south (near Southampton) is that terrapin nests and eggs were found last year but no hatchlings were found.
Red-eared Terrapin254 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapin - Trechemys scripta elegans141 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Hibernaculums of Garden Snails - Cornu aspersum132 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Red-eared Terrapin - Trechemys scripta elegans131 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
Harlequin Ladybird6 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park Blackpool
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