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Great Crested Grebe139 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great Crested Grebe - Podiceps cristatus Stanley Park, Blackpool98 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great Crested Grebe98 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great Crested Grebe94 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great crested Grebe148 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great crested Grebe97 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great crested Grebe - Podiceps cristatus Stanley Park Blackpool153 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great crested Grebe95 viewsphotographed @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great crested Grebe144 viewsEyes left for the camera - an adult Grebe gives it's three young a ride on Stanley Park boating lake in Blackpool. I wish I'd had my 500mm lens for this shot, it could've been a real beauty.
Great crested Grebe154 viewsGrub's up - get in line, the three young Grebes all stretch out their necks expectantly when Dad (or it could be Mum?) turns up with a tiddler for them.
Great crested Grebe122 viewsHe who dares wins, one of the juvenile Grebes jumps off Mums back & is suitably rewarded.
Great crested Grebe100 viewsIt turns out the adult Grebe has got three young on it's back, taken @ Stanley Park, Blackpool
Great crested Grebe103 viewsThis Grey Heron fancies a Grebe egg for breakfast
Great crested Grebe182 viewsThe Great crested Grebe defends it's nest with vigour against the much bigger Grey Heron, one of the hazards of nesting alongside the Stanley Park heronry.
Great crested Grebe469 viewsAn adult busily catching fry (in this case a tiny Pike) to feed to it's' young
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